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Meet Your Master Craftsman! 2014

25. March 2014 10:36 0 Print

From April 4 – 6, the traditional event, “Meet Your Master Craftsman!” will be taking place at more than 100 places throughout all of Latvia. Everyone is invited to take part in master workshops and individual classes, or watch the demonstrative tutorials, lectures, discussions and concerts. All of this is being done so that the general public can personally meet with these special craftspeople – thanks to whose knowledge and skills, traditional Latvian crafts and traditions are preserved and handed down to the next generations.

During the event, the general public will be able to learn various skills linked to traditional handcrafts, music, singing, and storytelling. The skills covered fall under the two themes of nature and the universe, and rituals and festivals. Workshops and events will be located in city and regional libraries, museums, cultural centers, educational institutions, and the homes/studios of master craftspeople.

This year's “Meet your Master Craftsman!” will also be taking place during the Bergs Bazaar's monthly Crafts and Farmers Market. On Saturday, April 5, from 12:00 – 16:00, the public will have the opportunity to meet with storytellers, jewellers, potters, traditional costume makers, herbalists, metal-smiths and other master craftspeople. Traditional folk musicians will teach songs, dances and games to both young and old alike.

In order that everyone is appropriately dressed for the 2018 Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Celebration– which will take place during Latvia's 100-year anniversary of independence – the Latvian National Centre for Culture (through the “Meet Your Master Craftsman!” events), and in cooperation with Latvian Television, has begun the campaign, “A Folk Costume for Everyone!”. The goal of the campaign is to encourage everyone to have their own folk costume, thereby keeping alive the traditions of creating and wearing this traditional clothing.

Find your master craftsman and register! Contact: http://1188.lv/karte/meistars

“Meet Your Master Craftsman!” is a continuation of the 2009 project, “Traditional Skills School”, which in turn, is a part of the European project, “European Craft Days”. Similar events, with traditional craftspeople taking on new apprentices, are also taking place in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and other countries. Over the years, more than ten thousand people from all age groups have participated in the “Meet Your Master Craftsman!” event, and every spring, it is a much-awaited happening for the people of Latvia.

The Latvian National Centre for Culture, in cooperation with the councils of Latvia's local municipalities, invite everyone to take part in “Meet Your Master Craftsman!”.